Thursday, April 17, 2014

Psychodiagnosis Disability Appointment

I had my final disability appointment last Saturday morning (at 8 in the morning – gross!) and it was a completely different experience than my physical exam was. This one was the psychodiagnosis, for anxiety. I was honestly terrified for this, especially after the last disability appointment was such an awful thing to go through, and googling this type of appointment did nothing to help calm my fears.

The psychologist was so nice, the total opposite of the last disability doctor I had to deal with, and made me feel totally comfortable. It was a very simple process that lasted about 35 minutes in total. All I had to do was answer some questions about myself and my pain and anxiety as well as some test type of questions. Some of them were a little difficult and I got confused but it was pretty painless overall.

When he was finished asking me all of the questions he told me that he was sorry I was experiencing all of the health problems that I am and it sucks to be so sick at my age. He also told me that no matter what happens as far as the decision I receive back about my disability that I need to keep going with it and appeal it if I am denied. He also suggested that I see someone professionally to learn coping techniques for my anxiety. When I told him about my experience with Cymbalta he told me that I was a smart girl for no longer taking it.

If you ever have to go through a psychodiagnosis like this don't be too scared because it's not the worst thing in the world. I just wanted to put this out on the world wide web because all I found in my google searches were horror stories about what a terrible experience this is. My experience was nothing like that of those that I read online. My physical exam is a different story, but the psychodiagnosis was fine and hopefully I'll find out if my claim is accepted soon!

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