Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Birthday Happies

Well, another birthday has come and gone. As I mentioned in my Birthday Blues post I couldn't help but feel down even though I tried my hardest to be in a good place. Don't get me wrong here, I had a really nice birthday but my mind wasn't in the right place. I think the reason is that I just feel so guilty for getting another year older and not being more independent or healthier. This is going to be my Birthday Happies post but I'll be talking about my weird bout of depression later on this week.

My birthday was on Thursday but we decided to wait until Sunday, when we could all be together, to celebrate. I didn't expect anything on Thursday but I woke up to a sweet card and a beautiful African Violet. My Dad also went and got me a caramel latte from Dutch Bros!

On Friday we spent the evening helping out at Mazama's (the high school where my Mom teaches) Spring Carnival where Sparrow Club (the club my Mom advises) has a booth every year. We then chaperoned the Sadie Hawkins dance, which was really very boring.

I had the final appointment for disability at 8:00 in the morning on Saturday. I'm not going to talk much about that now because I want to do an entire post on it, so keep an eye out for that. My Mom and I went out for bagels and coffee afterwards and did some grocery shopping. On Saturday evening we got dressed up and the 3 of us headed out to dinner at Mr. B's Steakhouse and then came home and watched About Time. If you haven't seen About Time you need to ASAP because it's fantastic!

My parents did such a good job of making me feel loved and celebrated on Sunday (although they do a good job of it every day!) and I'm so thankful for them. We just had a nice day at home, spending time together. My Mom made me bruschetta (my favorite!) for lunch and artichokes and fruit salad (my other favorite!) for dinner. My parents also made me a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. I opened lovely presents and a fun birthday stocking, which is a thing we started doing and it's awesome! We finished the day by playing rummy. I had a nice day.

Did you notice how bad at Pin the Tail on the Donkey I am? I suck!

Here's hoping that 27 will be my best year yet!

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