Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kassism #2

Sometimes when I stand up I am only able to walk a few feet before I collapse and fall on the ground. As is the case with my speech, which I talked about in my last post, sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's not.

Half the time I manage to say, "Oh, here I go" before tipping over. I'm serious. I say those exact words; although sometimes I do say "oops" instead of "oh".

I rarely make it to a chair. Luckily, this only really happens at home. I have, on occasion, done it in public as well though. When I'm out and about it seems to happen less when I stand up and more so when I have been standing or walking for a while. Sometimes I just have to take a seat, regardless of where I happen to be at the exact moment. For example, I had to sit in the middle of an aisle at Staples the other day.

Speaking of Staples, here is a fun fact – I worked at Staples for a month when I was in college (it sucked!) and I actually fainted thanks to Mono and hit my head on the way down. It was super scary! I can trace back a lot of my health problems to that time though. Mono often acts as a trigger for more serious conditions, particularly the condition in question – LUPUS!

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