Wednesday, January 31, 2018


I can't believe I haven't posted since I shared how wonderful my Christmas was. January seems to have flown by so quickly and I'm just behind at everything.

I had an appointment with my doctor a couple of weeks ago and I have another one on the 13th of this next month. First of all, I'm always afraid to share my "medical knowledge" with my doctor but she is so open to whatever research I have done. TN is so rare and it's very possible that I'm the only case of it in the town where I live. It happens to 1 in 100,000 people and there are not even half that many people in the city where I live. In fact, I just looked it up and there were only 66,016 in the entire county in 2015. I doubt it's gone up much more than that.

With that being said, I've obviously done a lot of research about this fairly rare thing I've got wrong with me so I feel like I'm pretty much an expert on it. So, when we sat down I asked her if a couple of medications would be right for me and she prescribed one of them that day. She put me on muscle relaxers, 3 times a day. I was so happy in the first week because the pain was very nearly gone. It's slowly gotten worse again, though. I think the muscle relaxer does help but the dose absolutely needs to be increased. This particular med also helps with Fibromyalgia pain, too.

She's going to add in another medication during the next appointment but didn't want to put me on too many new things all at once. I'm looking forward to the next medication because I've read so many good things about how it has helped so many people. My Dad is actually on it, for another reason, and he thinks it helps a lot.

My pain is really bad right now, though. Really bad and constant. I hate Trigeminal Neuralgia. It's not right to have to live with this kind of pain.

Oh, and you know how have I have Lupus? Well, I asked her to refer me to the local Rheumatologist so I could start being treated for my Lupus again and my insurance company declined it. So, I'm disabled because I have Lupus (among other things) and have the insurance I have because I have Lupus but they won't let me go see a Lupus doctor? Isn't that just the most idiotic thing you've ever heard? I'll let you know what comes next. My GP said she isn't comfortable treating Lupus, which is totally fine because she's not a specialist, but I'm not sure what needs to happen.

I had pleurisy for about a week, which was incredibly painful. That's when the tissue around your lungs become inflamed and it makes it hard to breathe. I couldn't get comfortable and it was not a fun experience. I feel like I was super close to getting pneumonia but I started to take elderberry syrup and it might be magical. I don't know, though.

What else is going on in my life? I'm not really happy with Beautiful Basics. I'm not interested in trying beauty products which is a problem when you are a beauty blogger. I'm just so happy with the cosmetics and beauty products I currently have and want to use them all. I don't really want to have other things when I have gotten my collection down to only things I really want to have and use. The closet post that I was SO excited about didn't really go over well so trying to do more posts like that probably isn't a good idea.

Everything else is going well, so that's the January update. I'll let you know more about everything as soon as I know anything.

How are you? Did you have a good start of the year?

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