Friday, April 14, 2017

My 30th Birthday

I was 22 when I got sick and turning 30 seemed like something that was so far away and also unattainable, but here I am! I made it! I am now officially 30! Well, 30 years and 4 days to precise.

I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful my birthday was! It was the best day! My Mom took the day off of work so all of us were home and together, which was special in and of itself, and my wonderful family spent the day spoiling me. I mean absolutely spoiling me!

Everything was totally perfect. The decorations, which were all about cats/mixed metals/my favorite colors, the food and the beyond thoughtful gifts were all so perfect. I didn’t get sad this year like I have in the past, which I’ve talking about in previous birthday posts, and had a really awesome day.

I did end up crying at one point, however, because I was so overwhelmed with how generous my parents were. They always are with gifts but this year they went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. They went nuts, but I’m so grateful. I said it above but I mean it, they really spoiled me! They got me a beautiful new kayak, in addition to gorgeous pieces of jewelry and beauty products and books and so much fun stuff, that I can’t wait to be able to use once it gets warmer.

As you might remember we took up kayaking last year and I was having trouble with mine so this is a really great upgrade!

Here are a few pictures from the day but I'm a weirdo and even though I blog about my life I typically like to keep birthdays and Christmas to myself because they’re such personal and special days. Anyway, this was just a little update written mostly as a thank you to my wonderful and incredible parents. And thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday! I appreciate the birthday wishes and I'm looking forward to the year ahead of me. I'll write a post about what I hope to accomplish in my 30th year soon so I'll see you then!


  1. What a beautiful birthday you had! I love the kitty presents and your parents seem wonderful for sure. Best wishes always.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. You're welcome, Kassie. You are a joy and we are so thankful for you. Lots of
    Love always, Mom and Dad ❤️

    1. I'm thankful for you, more than you'll ever know. I love you!

  3. woooowwwwww one lucky girl !
    I'm so happy for you :)
    God has blessed you with so much love
    It's never about the material gifts.........just look at the amount of effort put in the decorations & how thoughtful your family is <3

    1. I really am very lucky and so blessed. I agree with you about the material things. They put so much effort into the day and I absolutely appreciate it with all of my heart,

  4. such a lovely day !
    your kayak is very nice - plz post pics when you use it
    plz show us what you got all wrapped in those teal packages