Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Age and Gratitude

People react so strangely to aging. There is nothing more natural than getting older with each passing day and so many of us don’t get to do it as long as we would like but there’s still a very bizarre stigma around the aging process and I just don’t understand it.

You always hear those women joking about how they’ve been 21 for the past 8 years or someone refusing to state their age aloud, but why is that? What could possibly be embarrassing about being able to grow older?

When you’re younger time seems to go pretty slowly and each birthday that arrives is such a special and exciting day but sometime between then and now birthdays become something to dread because how in the world could you possibly want to celebrate another year?

I’ve never understood it and maybe that’s because I never thought I would live to be (almost) 30. I was 22 when I got sick and each year since has truly been a gift, something I never thought I would get. With each year that passes I am reminded how lucky I am to still be here. It is an honor to be as old as I am.

When I turn 30 on the 10th of April I will be full of joy and full of pride. Each silver strand I find atop my head is so beautiful and is such a special reminded of the past 30 years. Each smile line, every fine line and happy little crinkle around my eyes is a happy reminder about the life I’ve led to this point. Each day I’m alive is a blessing. I will always be grateful for whatever age I am.

I’ve had people say things like, “Oh, you’re turning 30? How are you doing? It’s scary to turn 30.” But I don’t feel scared or sad or upset that I’m not longer in my 20s. My 30s are going to be a brand new decade of my life to live and experience as many things as possible. It will be a brand new chapter of my life in which I can make memories and live each day with a heart full of love and optimism. I will get to spend time with the ones I love and be as happy as I possibly can be. Of course, I fully understand that there will be rough days but I know the good times will outweigh the bad, just like the have for the past 30 years, but I’ll hopefully have a decade of love and light to keep close to my heart.

Not everyone gets to age so I will be respectful of each and every second I am given. I promise to try to make the most out of it. I promise to love with every ounce of my being. I promise to smile as often as I possibly can. I promise to always remember how lucky I am. I don’t want to be on my deathbed, whenever that be whether it’s a year from now or 50, looking back and wishing I had lived more. I will do whatever live I am capable of and I will be overjoyed to do so.

I implore you all to respect your time, too. Be proud of whatever age you are now and mindful of all of the time behind and before you. We are so lucky. 


  1. Well said! We are so lucky! Thirty is not scary at all. Enjoy every second of it and cherish it.

  2. Food for thought
    I started dreading getting older at 24
    I certainly will try and change my perception of age

    1. I don't think there's anything to dread! Aging is such a beautiful process!