Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Since I live in a state of chronic pain I need a lot of help where comfort is concerned. I made a list of things that are imperative for my comfort and why they help. This list might not be very unique or too far off from what you would want when you're not feeling well but here it is:

Baths – I get so cold and sometimes the only way I can warm up is by taking a hot bath. It also helps with my aches and pains as well as offers a calm place to relax. I often throw in a handful or two of Epsom salts to help relax muscle pain.

Fuzzy socks – Fuzzy socks are a must have. I have Reynauds so my feet have very poor circulation meaning they get to be so cold they turn purple and I can't feel them. This doesn't only happen in the winter, or when it's chilly outside. It happens all year round pretty much on a daily basis. It happens to my hands and fingers as well, although not as extremely as it happens to my feet, so mittens are also important. Ear muffs and beanies are too.

Heating blanket and heating pad – The heating blanket is necessary in the fall and winter but the heating pad is something I use all year long to help ease muscle pain and keep me feeling toasty.

Sweatpants and sweatshirts – There's not a lot to say about these two must haves. Clothes often hurt me so wearing soft and comfy things are essential. My favorite sweatpants are from the C9 by Champion line at Target. The medium longs fit me perfectly. I'm not picky about sweatshirts but they do have to be soft.

Tank tops with built in bras – What can I say besides regular bras hurt?

Blankets – I like to be cozy and use a lot of blankets. I have a stash of blankets that I alternate between.

Pillows – I need lots of pillows in my life. I need pillows on the couch, on my bed, and in the car (I can't sit in the car without a small throw pillow or two) behind my back. Pillows are important to my comfort. I have special pillows in all shapes and sizes all over the place.

Ice pack – I have a kids "boo boo" ice pack in the shape of a tiger. I also have a really cute retro looking ice pack. When I get a serious migraine or an ice pick through my brain ice helps the pain decrease.

Valium, sleeping pills, painkillers, and Pamprin (to relax my muscles) – need I say more on this subject? And no, I'm not a drug addict. I only take these (well, besides the sleeping pills which I take every night) when absolutely needed. Even when I'm in a lot of pain I try to avoid taking painkillers but there are moments when I have no other choice.

What things are important to you as far as comfort is concerned?


  1. Jayanthi ParthasarathyAugust 12, 2015 at 12:53 AM

    I've experienced that sleeping pilss have a tendency to worsen anxeity - do chk up on this before popping one

    1. I don't think I've experienced that but I'll definitely do some research and be on the lookout for adverse reactions like increased anxiety. Thank you!