Thursday, January 1, 2015

15 for 2015

Stop shopping online so much.
I spend so much time shopping online, whether it be "window" shopping or actually clicking purchase. There are better things to do with my time than online shopping!

Keep up with laundry.
I always get overwhelmed with laundry. It would be so much easier to do each load as it becomes ready instead of waiting to do 20 loads all at once.

Take Cooper on more walks.
He's a good boy and good boys deserve lots of walks.

Take up a new hobby.
I say this every single year. I don't know why it never works out. Any suggestions?

Find ways to keep calm and have less anxiety, or develop new ways to cope.
Anxiety is a big jerk and I need to figure out how to keep it from bullying me.

Push myself outside of my comfort zone more often.
This goes with what I said above. I get such bad anxiety that I tend to just stick to what I know. I like to be home and in my safe place. You can't learn and grow, though, if you never push yourself and leave your comfort zone. I think I have been getting better at this since I've been making more of an effort to do things and interact with strangers but I still have work to do.

Read one book a week.
I love to read but when I'm in a really bad flare and I can't see right I have a really hard time reading so we'll see how this one goes.

Cut back on watching YouTube videos.
How dumb is this one? I honestly spend way too much time on YouTube and I'd like to cut back.

Make some new friends.
Easier said than done at my age. Anyone else think that making friends after college is one of the toughest things ever?

Spend less money.
I try to be a saver but tend to be a bit more of a spender.

Use up the products that I have and wear the clothes that are in my closet.
I have a tendency to want new products before I've used up my old ones and new clothes even though there is nothing wrong with the ones that I have. I think we all do this but I want to make a solid effort to use what I have.

Set a Beautiful Basics schedule and stick to it. Pick a set time to write and edit photos every day, like a real work schedule. Stick to a regular posting schedule as well.
I've been terrible at being consistent with my blog this year and I want to do a better job in 2015.

Make more of an effort to write and post on BYDLS.
It has been a struggle to keep up with BYDLS and I need to try harder to keep up to date.

Be kinder and more respectful to myself.
I am my own worst critic and I need to be kind and gentle with myself. We all need to be nicer to ourselves.

Cut back on salt.
I'm a saltaholic and salt isn't very healthy. I seriously salt everything and I want to cut way, way, way back on sodium. I think this is going to be tough. I've tried before but I constantly crave salt!

Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2015?


  1. Jayanthi ParthasarathyAugust 12, 2015 at 12:51 AM

    cutting back on youtube & stop online buying is on my list too
    Seriously making friends after say 25 is so hard as everyone seems to have gotten married & has kids *& are busy.
    Can identify with you
    do step out of your comfort zone - me too have serious anxeity & I tried doing little things like doind a cross-stich kit that is so foreign to me

    1. It's so hard to leave our comfort zones, isn't it? Are you enjoying cross-stitch?