Monday, October 9, 2017

The 10/9 Update

I don't have much to tell you right now but I wanted to tell you about the appointment I had with my new primary care physician last week. I really liked her! She's great. She was very patient, warm, kind, and made sure to listen to what I was saying. She made me feel very comfortable. She put in an order for an MRI with and without contrast so that's what is next on the agenda. We need the MRI results before we can do anything else. She wants to put me on Gabapentin and increase the Carbamazepine for my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain but, again, the MRI needs to happen first. She's also going to refer me a neurologist. I see her again in 4 weeks and I'm hoping I'll get the MRI this week or next.

It's so weird because my biggest fear right now is that the MRI will be clear. Most people would wish and hope and pray for that but I've been so sure for so long that I have in MS that if it comes back clear it will be really frustrating. It will essentially mean we'll have to start all over again but if it is MS then maybe I'll finally be on the path to feeling better. I don't know. My feelings on this subject are complicated but I do fully understand that whatever happens next is what happens and I'll deal with it as it comes. Life is what we make it.

Oh, one final thing - My blood pressure wasn't just high at my appointment. It was emergency crisis high. They took it 5 times to make sure and it never ended up in the 30-year-old woman normal range but it was better before we left. The first time the nurse took it it was 186/164. It ended up at 142/83. My pulse rate was in the 130's and I had a small fever. I'm a mess, LOL. I also got my flu shot and a Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis) vaccine, which killed my arm! I don't mind shots but Tetanus shots are mean.

Anyway, I like my doctor and we're on the path to figuring this out. Maybe I'll have more to report soon.

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