Sunday, May 27, 2018

May Update

I had to go back and look at what I posted last. It's been a while. The main reason for that is the fact that I've been feeling pretty upset about my healthcare and my health in general. The appointment I had in late March didn't go very well. I didn't feel heard and feeling listened to is what I need most. I had an appointment this week, though, that was the complete opposite. I felt more than heard. I felt understood. It was exactly what I needed and I'm really glad it was the way it was.

My appointment in March, other than being not good, was when I was diagnosed with a Lymph Node infection and was put on some pretty heavy antibiotics. Nothing changed after the antibiotics, though, and with how low my White Blood Count was I'm still a little concerned. I'm putting that to the side for now.

In my appointment this week I was really anxious, to the point of nearly hyperventilating in the waiting room. I even had a ridiculous and embarrassing bright red and angry rash all over my chest and neck. I worked really hard at trying to calm myself down and, if I may say so myself, I think I did a great job. I've been working on getting my anxiety under control lately. By the time I got into the exam room I was as calm as I could be. I had a wonderful nurse who made me feel even calmer. He was one of the best nurses I've had, actually. I have figured out that I just need to tell them straight off that they'll need to come back and take my blood pressure at the end of my appointment. It's always so high before I see my doctor and much more normal at the end. They always take it once and are so surprised to see how high it is and then laugh at how normal it is at the end. The waiting part is always the worst part. Of anything, really.

This appointment was to talk about my Fibromyalgia. Once my doctor came in we had a really good conversation. We actually talked and laughed, too, so that's nice and really helps me not feel so anxious. The actual medical part was great, too, and she ended up prescribing me the medication that I had wanted. I'd actually asked her if it would be right for me months ago.  I now take Gabapentin, which is also known as Neurontin. This medication is beneficial for both Fibro and Trigeminal Neuralgia. By the way, my TN was so much better with Baclofen until it wasn't. The pain has been creeping in and getting worse. I haven't been on it for very long (only 3 days) but I'm already seeing a difference so I'm hopeful that it will work well for me.

Funny enough, there are 5 of us in my household (animals included) and 3 of us now take it.

Anyway, it was a good appointment and I'm thankful that it went so well. I really can't handle bad appointments. After so many years with bad doctors I just feel like I'm incapable of dealing with that any longer. You know what I mean?

As for life, it's been pretty good.

The weather is finally nice and I've been spending a lot of time outdoors. The school year is almost over, which will be wonderful. I love having my Mom home for the summer. My Dad hasn't been well but we're working on getting him better. Hunter has been really sick, too. I took him to the vet and we didn't get any answers. I've been doing so much research but he's not getting any better. We're working on him, too.

When it comes to blogging I've once again fallen out of love with Beautiful Basics but I'm thinking after I get a few posts with a timeframe on them out that I can take a break and rediscover how much I enjoy it.

I have an appointment with the rheumatologist on the 4th so I'll be sure to update again after I see him.

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