Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Loving Life Despite the Pain...

I love my life. I live a very happy life and I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful family. I’m really happy but when I sit down to write updates for this blog I can only think of negative things to write about involving my health. I always want to be real with you all and that means sharing the details of my pain but I don’t want any of you to think for one second that I’m miserable or depressed.

Yes, sometimes I get a little down and wind up feeling sorry for myself (don’t we all, sick or not?) but I try my hardest to keep a cheerful and positive frame of mind even when the pain has knocked me on my ass. Every time I sit down to write though I feel myself complaining through my text and that’s not what I want to do.

The pain has just been so extreme lately. My head hurts so much, all of the time, and the spikes are almost unbearable. I’m so lucky to have such amazing parents who understand and do whatever they can to help me. It still hurts though. My bones feel like the break, randomly throughout the day, or they feel like they’re being crushed under a tremendous and forceful weight.

I’m also currently in a mood where nothing tastes good so I don’t want to eat anything. And, as always, I’m so exhausted and no amount of rest seems to do anything to alleviate how tired I feel inside and out.

Despite the pain, I’m still in a good place. My family and I have been spending so much time together and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We went on a day trip on Sunday and had the best time. Hunter and Cooper are the perfect cuddle buddies and there’s a lot of great TV to watch. Life is good. I’m also super excited Christmas is coming up so quickly. I’ve been having a lot of fun shopping online. I actually started a few weeks ago. I love seeing what kind of deals I can get on things for my family.

And I moved and remodeled both of my blogs! I’m really happy with Beautiful Basics actually but not with the way this one turned out so I’m going to keep working on it when I feel well enough to do so. It came out so bland looking. What do you think?

In a side note, I really need to find a new doctor.

Okay, that’s about it. How are you doing? Do you have anything you want to share or any questions you have for me? Also, let me know what shows or movies you’re currently loving since I’m always looking for new things to watch and would love your recommendations.


  1. Felt so nice hearing you are preparing for X'Mas.
    I love your pets , they sound so lovable <3
    We are getting to see an american show called "My 600lb life" - am flabergasted as there are extremely rare people here in India like the ones in the show
    I thought abt re-connecting to my childhood , as am reading the complete Enid Blyton "Famous Five" series - you should do it too ! Feels so nice to connect to a place in life free of illness where everything was perfect
    Do post pics of your shopping

    1. I haven't heard of that show but I can imagine that it's not something you would see in India. Obesity is a huge problem here in America!

      And I'll be sure to share some photos of my fur kids soon :)

      I'll check out that book series! I've never heard of it but I love to read so I'll look it up ASAP!